The first day is on us! The day you bring your pup in for his/her "interview" and evaluation includes a day of daycare. The trial period, up to a full day, is complimentary.
Hourly Rate
-$8.25 per hour 
We recommend this option for dogs playing for less than five hours.
Full Day Rate (7AM-6PM Weekdays)
-$44 per dog
-$35.25 for 2nd dog from the same family
Package Rates
We also offer Full Day Packages of 8, 12 or 20 sessions. We recommend this option for those who come frequently or more than once a week. These packages are offered at a discount from the daily rates. The more you buy the more you save!
-8 sessions - $332.75 ($41.59 per day)
-12 sessions - $473 ($39.42 per day)
-20 sessions - $744.25 ($37.21 per day)
Late Pick-up Fee
-Owners are contacted at 6pm if their dogs have not yet been picked up.
-After 15 minutes a late fee of $27 is applied.
-After 30 minutes owners are contacted and dogs are transferred to boarding and spend the night at our standard kennel rate. (See question 4 of our FAQ)
Transport Service
-Pre-arranged and limited to a specified surrounding area
-One way (pick-up or drop-off) - $42.75
-Roundtrip - $79
Daycare Rates For Our Boarding Guests
-2 hour playdate - $16.50, available 7 days a week!
-4 hour/full-day playdate - $29.50(available weekdays only)