Kenwood Canine Clubhouse offers more than just daycare. The next time you stop in, inquire about the following additional services:
Shuttle Bus Service
We offer pick up and delivery of dogs to and from daycare. This service is especially popular with those who need to be at work extra early or stay extra late. Let us take the worry away!
Routine Grooming
-Nail trims
-Anal gland expressions
-Brushing or coat maintenance
Training and Reinforcement
Training is scheduled directly through trainer Beth Mullen at Dog Latin Dog Training, 202-412-0708.
Daycare in Conjunction with Boarding
We offer discounted daycare rates for your pooch while you are away. 2 or 4 hour "play dates" are available to let your dog work out some energy, socialize, and supplement daily walks during his/her stay.
Veterinary Services
We offer the following convenient veterinary services while your dog spends the day playing:
-Annual exams
-Annual lab tests like Heartworm or Lyme