Questions About Veterinary?

Below is a list of some of the questions we get asked most frequently from our patients. If you have a question that isn't answered below, feel free to give our Bethesda, MD veterinary practice a call and we'll be happy to assist you.
Who will be taking care of my dog?

Canine Clubhouse Doggy Daycare Attendants are selected based on a familiarity with canine behavior and handling, and of course their affinity for dogs. Not just anyone can be responsible for monitoring your dog's safety - our staff have years of hands on experience in the field, and can manage play in order to avoid excessive rough-housing, and prevent problems before they occur.

Do you have pickup and dropoff service?

We offer pick up and delivery of dogs to and from daycare. Service must be pe-arranged and is limited to a specified surrounding area. Our one way rate (pick-up or drop-off) is $37.50 and Roundtrip is $70.00.

What are your hours?

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm.

What if I can't make it back before close to pick up my dog?

Please call us if you know you're running late - otherwise, we'll call you as closing time draws near, and will charge a "late pickup" fee after 15 minutes past close. If you're going to be more than 30 minutes late for pickup, or if we're unable to reach you, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday when Kenwood Animal Hospital closes at 6pm, we will board your dog overnight and give him or her a meal before settling in for the night. On Tuesday/Thursdays, when Kenwood Animal Hospital regularly closes at 8pm, we're happy to short term board your dog for an hour or two, allowing you that extra window of time to get back to pick up your pup.

Do you offer discounts for more than one dog?

We offer Full Day Packages at the discounted rate of $304 for 8 sessions (a 5% discount), $432 for 12 sessions (a 10% discount), and $680 for 20 sessions (a 15% discount).

What shots does my dog need in order to be admitted?

We recommend bringing your dog for a trial playdate - and it's free! Owners are also asked to complete a "Personality Profile" (available online on our Signup page) which we recommend filling out in advance. This helps us to understand your dogs likes and dislikes, and better manage our playgroup.

Do I need to make a reservation? Do you have a cancellation policy?

Reservations are recommended in order to ensure a space in the playgroup, but are not required. Currently there is no cancellation policy in effect.

Have you ever turned away a dog before? If so, what was the reason?

Daycare isn't right for everybody - which is why we first evaluate all dogs before they come and play. Many dogs (and some owners) can be a bit apprehensive at first, which is why new dogs joining the playgroup are isolated in gated areas allowing for a safe "meet and greet" session with the playgroup, without being overwhelmed! But even so, some dogs may be fearful, or have some behavioral concerns (toy aggression, for example) - and Daycare is supposed to be fun for everyone! If we think that your dog isn't enjoying Daycare, for any reason, we will let you know. Your dog's happiness and security is our bottom line!

Do you have separate areas for different sized dogs?

No, we operate a smaller, "exclusive" playgroup, and rely on the experience of our attendants to manage dogs of all sizes and personalities within this group. We find that some small dogs are big on attitude and do just as well as the Big Boys (and girls). Similarly, our bigger dogs tend to play more gently with older or smaller dogs within the group. We are considering offering specialized group sessions in the future, including one for small or toy dogs, and senior dogs.

Is the facility indoor or outdoor?
Kenwood Canine Clubhouse is an indoor playroom.
How often is water provided?
Water is provided at all times in the playroom. Playing makes a dog thirsty!
Where does my dog go to the bathroom (and will this impact housebreaking)? Will my dog be walked?

Dogs play freely in our playroom, consuming a great deal of water as they exercise, and therefore relieve themselves often. Housekeeping within the playroom is constant, and urinating/defecating within the playroom is both normal and expected. This should not impact housebreaking, as dogs are able to differentiate between the park-like atmosphere of Doggy Daycare, as opposed to your living room! Outdoor walks are available for a small additional fee, however most dogs get sufficient exercise within the context of the playgroup such that additional exercise in the form of walks is not necessary.

Can my dog get a snack during his Daycare?

We do not offer food or snacks in Daycare - this is to avoid any natural food aggression tendencies within the playgroup. We will make exceptions only when a feeding may be medically required, in which event dogs will be pulled out of the playgroup temporarily.

Can I leave a favorite toy or blanket with my dog?

We provide a wide variety of toys to entertain our playgroups. We do not allow other toys, as dogs can easily become possessive of them, and/or they may be easily damaged or destroyed.

Do you have a naptime, or is there a daily play schedule that is adhered to?

Cozy nooks and bedding are accessible to your dog anytime he or she needs to take a break from play. Specified naptimes are not enforced over the course of the day, allowing the day to flow freely according to your dog's energy level

What do you do in case of emergency, or if a dog is bitten?

In the event of a medical emergency, Kenwood Animal Hospital's full spectrum of veterinary services is available to care for your dog. Owners are contacted immediately in case of a medical emergency.

Can my dog be groomed?

We're happy to provide "maintenance" grooming such as nail trims, brushings, ear cleanings and the like. Full grooming (baths, trims) must be pre-arranged and we may recommend scheduling separately from Daycare, depending on the extent of work to be done, as it may significantly cut into time spent in the playroom.

Do you offer obedience/behavioral training?

Training can be arranged - please contact Beth Mullen at Dog Latin Dog Training, 202-412-0708.

s Daycare available if I want to bring my dog with a group of his buddies?

Please contact us if you are interested in holding a private party at the Canine Clubhouse

My dog came home from his first day at Daycare all tuckered out - is this normal?

It is normal for your dog to come home tired after a first day at Daycare. This is exercise, and just as we build up our stamina at the gym, so will your dog at Daycare. If, however, your dog suffers from joint or arthritic conditions, just as your own doctor would tell you, a day off or two in between sessions may be recommended.